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Engineering and Design Support Capabilities

Due to TRI-MONT’s continuing participation in Power Generation and Process Applications, we have developed a specialized approach to resolving issues associated with this class of work. Some of our tools include the following:

Computer Based Techniques:

  • Steam loan analysis
  • Power generation cycle design and optimization
  • Combustion turbine performance
  • Multi-drum heat recovery boiler design
  • Annualized cycle performance
  • Piping stress analysis
  • Steam transmission line performance
  • Steam or water network analysis

Bulk Petroleum Product Storage and Handling Design Services

TRI-MONT offers special expertise in the design of bulk petroleum handling and storage facilities. Specific areas include:

  • Ship off-loading facilities
  • Dock to storage piping
  • Inter-tank piping
  • Storage to loading rack systems
  • Multi-product loading racks
  • General terminal design including:
    • Fire protection
    • Additive facilities
    • Water treatment
    • Tank/line heating
    • Truck off-loading

Industrial Power Plant Application and Design

TRI-MONT’s experience in Industrial Power applications covers the entire spectrum of fuel firing including:

    • Natural Gas
    • Distillate and  Residual oil
    • Pulverized and stoker coal
    • Wood, bark, and wood waste
    • Municipal solid waste and refuse derived fuel
    • Coal and anthracite wastes


Industrial boiler experience covers heating units operating oat less than 15 psi to power generating boilers at pressure up to 1800 psi. Boiler types include the following:

    • Fire tube boilers
    • Package boilers (water tube)
    • Field erected boilers
    • Circulating fluid bed boilers
    • Bubbling fluid bed boilers


Steam turbine design experience includes:

    • Condensing units
    • Backpressure units
    • Controlled extraction
    • Mechanical drives
    • Geared units


Other industrial process systems include:

    • Compressor plants
    • Chilled water plants
    • Cooling water applications
    • Hot water production
    • Fuel handling systems
    • Electrical power generation


Cogeneration Project Development- Concept Design, Licensing and financing support

TRI-MONT Engineering, CO. has a long track record in supporting energy developers through the early stages of securing the prerequisite contracts for non-recourse funding of large and small cogeneration projects. Areas of expertise include:

  • Concept Design
    Selection of the optimum power generation cycle using:

      • Boilers and steam turbines
      • Combustion turbines
      • Diesel Engines


  • Licensing Support
      • Air emissions data
      • Water consumption and treatment
      • Land use
      • Ash disposal
      • FERC and PURPA compliance


  • Procurement of Lump-Sum Construction Contract
      • Prepare bidding documents
      • Evaluate bids
      • Negotiate construction contract


  • Financial Placement
      • Assist in preparation of placement memorandum
      • Present project to potential lenders and investors
      • Respond to Independent Engineer inquiries